UBB Aston Martin DB9 RS LM 

UBB Supercars are set to construct five road legal Aston Martin DB9 RS LM's which are based on the winning Aston Martin Le Mans car. 

This supercar will mirror the full race winning Le Man's version and just like its race winning sibling, will have an all - carbon fibre body making it some 1800 pounds lighter than the standard DB9. 

Under the hood this awesome car boasts a 750 BHP 6.0 litre V12 power plant and red lines at around 8,000 rpm. The UBB DB9 RS LM will be capable of 0 to 60mph in 3.6 seconds and top outs at an unbelievable 240 mph. 

The unique suspension set - up will accommodate both road and track use. 

The UBB DB9 RS LM will be available in either six - speed manual or sequential transmission. 

The UBB DB9 RS LM will be available in left or right hand drive will come with side exit exhausts or street rear exit systems. The interiors are beautifully re - trimmed in Alcantara retaining all the Aston Martin luxury and refinement you would expect from this quality British car manufacturer. 

All our cars built are hand built to the highest rigorous standards and are completely repainted in order that clients may choose their own colours. 

Right hand cars will be built in the UK and the left hand drive models constructed in California. 

The expected price will be around $295,000 US dollars dependant on specification required. 

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Contact Lance, Cole, Scott, Bryce, Nick or Todd for more info. 949-900-1960