In 1962, Carroll Shelby electrified the performance world when he shoehorned a compact, torquey American powertrain into a classic British roadster. That successful hybrid of Anglo and American technologies is the foundation for the popular Superformance MKIII roadster. Superformance has returned to its roots by adapting a new drivetrain to it that will literally electrify performance fans again. 


Superformance will debut its new “MKIII-E” roadster at the Amelia Island Concours. Blending a traditional British roadster with an advanced EV powertrain, it is one of the most engaging vehicles in the world. 

“We developed the experimental electric roadster in response to stunning customer demand,” said Lance Stander, CEO of Superformance. “And it is no more unconventional than integrating a pushrod American V8 into a tiny English roadster. A staggering number of people believe a roadster EV is very cool. I was a doubter until I experienced the amazing EV acceleration.” 

Though some may fear that the end of an era, Stander has a strong reassurance. 

“Enthusiasts are not giving up their internal combustion engines,” he noted. “They’re just buying a roadster that will sit next to the ICE powered vehicles in the garage.”

Carroll Shelby oversaw the development of an electric-powered Cobra over 15 years ago, which inspired Superformance to partner with Gotech Performance to create the electric MKIII-E

“We didn’t change dimensions or suspension geometry, we just slipped the motor in it,” added Stander. “We limited the torque to 1500 pound-feet, though the powertrain was capable of much more.”

The team is refining the car to deliver good range, along with the traditional roadster feel. 

“We’re shooting for a range of 150 to 200 miles,” Stander noted. “We also want to retain the superb handling dynamics of the Superformance MKIII. We’re also evaluating optional front and rear motors to give the car all-wheel drive that maximizes all that power.”

The roadster on display at the Concours is the experimental, development mule. Superformance is not yet accepting orders but expects to offer the car to the public later this year. Those interested in truly electrifying performance can request updates via