50th Anniversary

 Superformance GT40
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Standard Equipment

  • A complete factory assembled rolling chassis
  • Show quality PPG paint finishes with many standard colors
  • Fully independent front and rear suspension
  • Bilstein® coil over progressive shocks with H&R Springs®
  • Four-wheel vented disc brakes, Wilwood calipers
  • Aluminum radiator/oil cooler with dual electric fans
  • Original style steel monocoque chassis
  • Pressed steel roof
  • Original style suspension
  • Right & Left hand drive models available
  • RHD Sill Shifter with Wooden Knodb
  • Included in latest Shelby World Registry
  • Original style seats with silver rivets
  • High capacity air-conditioner
  • Oil cooler and braided lines
  • Open crate air intake
  • Lower/wider front fenders
  • Smoother body lines
  • Orange BRM style wheels
  • Inverted side air scoops
  • Single scoop hood insert
  • Accommodates small block engine (includes molded engine cover)
  • Built in rear spoiler
  • Gulf P1075 livery color patterns
  • Driving, Marker, and ID Lights
  • Single Roof Vent
  • Period Correct Front and Rear Spinners
  • Exterior Cut-Off Switch
  • Front Clam Dzus Fasteners
  • Singl Fuel Filler Cap
  • Aluminum Door Eyebrows
  • Front Fender Splash Guards
  • 608 Rear View Mirror
  • Twin Pin Rear Clam
  • F.A.V. Plate
  • AVON Tires
  • 1969 Bug Deflectors
  • 14" Rear and 10" Front Wheels
  • Extra Wide Body Rear Clam

Tool Room Features

  • A/C Delete
  • Girling brake and clutch reservoirs with double caps
  • Lucas 6W wiper motor
  • Lucas 5SJ windscreen washer bottle
  • 19 row oil cooler inside nose
  • Original style brass and copper radiator
  • Original style steering rack
  • Fispa fuel filter
  • Twin Stewart Warner 240A fuel pumps
  • Auto-lite rev limiter
  • Unique oil breather catch tanks
  • Unique oil return tank
  • Unique header tank
  • Aluminum suitcase rack
  • Original style battery box installed
  • GRP battery box lid
  • Tubular gearbox guard installed in tail mounting frame
  • Ceramic ballast resistor
  • Lucas 6J fuse boxes
  • Lucas 76464/76465 style push button starter solenoid
  • Stewart Warner 0-10 PSI fuel pressure gauge
  • Stewart Warner 100-250 temperature gauge
  • CAV ammeter
  • Smiths oil temperature gauge x2
  • Smiths water temperature gauge
  • Smiths tachometer, speedometer absent
  • Zephyr eye-ball dash vents
  • Brittex seat belts
  • 12” steering wheel
  • Steering column mounted momentary toggle switch
  • Jeweled dash warning lamps
  • Original style seat material and brass eyelets
  • Tunnel cutout and braces added
  • Floor reinforcement added
  • Original style roll bar installed
  • Fuel sponsons and door hinge pillar bases trimmed for crossover modification
  • Girling 18/4RH&4LH front brake calipers
  • Girling 16/4RH&LH GT40 rear brake calipers
  • Girling PBOOO264R&L front brake discs
  • Girling PBOOO215R&L rear brake discs
  • Gould fuel tank selector valve
  • Front firewall and dash plate changed to flat design and braced forward


The Superformance Gt40 50th Anniversary

Wheelbase: 95"

Length: 163"

Height: 40.5"

Width (over scoops): 70.5"

Track Front: 56"

Track Rear: 59"

Fuel Tank: 22.5 gallons

Front Wheels: 15x10

Rear Wheels: 15x14

Tires-Front 10.5x23x15

Tires-Rear 14x27x15

Chassis: ZE 50/50 zinc coated mildsteel steel(Electro Galvanized Steel)

Body: Pressed steel roof

Front Suspension: Independent with unequal length A-arms, Bilstein shocks with H&R springs, anti-roll bar

Rear Suspension: Independent with trailing arms, unequal length lateral arms, Bilstein shocks with H&R springs, anti-roll bar

Steering: Rack and pinion

Front Brakes: Vented disc, single caliper

Rear Brakes: Vented disc, single caliper

Exhaust system: Bundle of snakes, rear exit

Instrumentation: Smith gauges, 200mph tach

Interior: Motolita steering wheel, original style seats covered in Alcantara with silver rivets

Recommended Engine: Ford-based 302, or the 351 Windsor


Pressed steel roof and beautifully finished body.


The suspension features the original race car lay out. So original are the GT40 continuation models that two thirds or the parts are interchangeable with an original.


The chassis is an exact replication of the original monococque unibody structure down to the press steel roof spider. The only departure is the use of electro-galvanized sheet steel in the construction. The chassis, at over 12,000 pounds per degree is stiffer than any other chassis on the market, and is made up of over 244 laser cut and bent or pressed parts.

Engine And Transmission

The recommended power source is a specially prepared Roush engine with the new RBT/ZF style 5-speed transaxle but owners also have the option to fit a Ford-based 289, 302, 351W

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