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Superformance MKIII 427SC

Stock # SP03404


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Cobra Superformance MKIII 427SC

*Superformance Cobra 427 MKIII Indigo Blue with Viper Steel Grey Stripes
*Options and Pricing Below:

*Superformance Cobra 427 MKIII Base Rolling Chassis $54,900
*Painted Le Mans Twin Stripes $895
*Polished Quick Jacks $550
*Glove Box $550
*Bent Removable Cross-Member $500
*Dealer Preparation and Destination $1,000
*Total for SP03404 Rolling Chassis $58,395

*Additional Options:
*Ceramic Coated Headers $575
*Ceramic Coated Side Pipes $675
*Soft Top with Side Windows $1,475
*Tonneau Cover $725
*Polished Stainless Steel Surge Tank $775
*18" Polished Wheels $4,000
*18" Tires 275 Front 335 Rear $1,000
*15" Billboard Goodyear Tires $1,750

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