2012 Ferrari

458 Challenge

Stock # 458 Challenge 01


Chassis #
4.5 Liter V8
7 Speed Automatic
Exterior Color
Rosso Corsa
Interior Color
Red Interior


2012 Ferrari 458

The Ferrari 458 Challenge. Introduced in 2010, The 5th Generation of the Challenge race cars, Ferrari's 458 Challenge was designed by Pinafarina, however the interior was designed with Michael Schumacher's suggestions. His input lead to a layout that was common to race cars. Consisting of a Race inspired steering wheel, a racing cockpit that has been stripped of any unnecessary weight, features carbon fiber seats, and utilizes a roll cage for additional stiffness and safety. Weight was reduced from the standard 458 Italia through the use of thinner body panels, carbon fiber body panels, and polycarbonate windows and windshield. The 458 Challenge also features a free-flow race exhaust system, air-jack mount on the rear of the car, racing fuel filler cap, lightweight forged racing wheels, and front and rear tow hooks. Thus creating Ferrari's sportiest V8 car.

The Ferrari 458 Challenge can lap the Fiorano test track in 1:16.5, which is two seconds faster than its F430 Challenge predecessor and only 0.2 seconds slower than the Ferrari FXX! All she needs is a pilot.

This 458 Challenge comes with a complete second set of wheels with tires. Only 2,000km are on the new engine and transmission. ZFF71NXX000193695 is available for $189,950.


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