1965 Cobra


Stock # CSX611301


Chassis #
Shelby All-Aluminum 427 FE 468
Exterior Color
Shelby Guardsman Blue
Interior Color


1965 Cobra 427

The big block Shelby Cobra is considered by many to be the most iconic American sports car in history. When GM began to work on a new big block Corvette and Ferrari increased the power of the V12 powered GTO's, Shelby and Ford Motor Company decided to shoehorn the mighty 427 FE motor into the Cobra.

To fit the 427 into his Cobra, Carroll Shelby completely redesigned the frame, body and chassis. Shelby developed a new independent suspension, fortified the frame to handle the increase in torque and modified the body to fit bigger wheels and tires. Shelby American resumed production of the Cobra 427 S/C (originally as the CSX4000-series) in 1997 and they're available today in aluminum or fiberglass.

CSX6000's embrace Dual A-arms and four wheel coil-over independent suspension. Continuation Cobras feature improvements while staying true to its originality. New improvements also include a stronger steel frame, better alloys and better cooling and heating.

CSX6113 is painted in 1965 Championship Guardsmen Blue with Wimbledon White Stripes. Finished with Quick Jacks, Side Pipes, Roll Bar, Leather Interior, and a Heater, it makes this cobra capable on the track and comfortable on the street. This Cobra didn't always look like this. CSX6113 was born a beautiful Guardsmen Blue Roadster with undercar exhaust and street bumpers. An unfortunate accident lead this Cobra to meet the one and only Mike Mckluskey.

Have you ever been wrenching on a car in your front yard, only to have Carroll Shelby stop in as he's riding by on his motorcycle and offer you a job? Probably not, unless your name is Mike McCluskey. At 20 years old, and in the middle of acquiring his mechanical engineering degree at UCLA, McCluskey found himself working alongside Carroll Shelby restoring Shelby Cobras. After working with Shelby for some years McCluskey started his own workshop. Over time, McCluskey became the go-to guy for all things Cobra.

CSX6113 is a stunning representation of what a 427S/C should look like. how do you know, because the best cobra restorer made it so.

CSX6113 has 2,345 miles, CA SB100 Smog Exempt registration, and is available for $149,950.

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